Computational Optometry® provides analytical solutions to research scientists in Optometry, Ophthalmology, Computer Sciences, and in Vision Sciences at large.


Computational Optometry® can help achieve the goals of your research from inception to delivery:

  • Design of experiments and clinical trials
  • Statistical design of experiments
  • Statistical and data analysis
  • Design and development of scientific software
  • Image processing
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Manuscript preparation

For enquiries, please contact Iván Marín-Franch at

Iván Marín-Franch

(disclosure: not a recent picture)
(disclosure: not a recent picture)

Iván trained initially as a statistician in the Universidad de Granada in Spain and after a 4-year period working in the private sector as software engineer, he took up a PhD scholarship with David H Foster in the Department of Optometry & Neuroscience at the University of Manchester on information theory and statistics of color images of natural scenes. He received his PhD in 2009 and has since worked in vision science in either optometry or ophthalmology departments. During his more than 12 years in vision research, he has published over 25 theoretical and experimental papers on a wide variety of topics in vision research, including retinal anomalies such as glaucoma, accommodation, myopia, optical aberrations, and adaptive optics, most of them in top-quartile vision, ophthalmology, and optometry journals.


Iván has given lectures on statistics, optics, bioethics, and effective writing and presentation of scientific content to Master's and PhD students. He has also collaboratively developed open-source software for a wide variety of applications, some of which can be found here.


Download Iván's complete CV here.