R and MatLab Packages

OPI's visualFields

Statistical Methods for Visual Fields

For the development version go to githug repository

Offset Kozachenko-Leonenko estimators

Efficient estimation of Shannon's differential entropy and continuous mutual information for image colors (download the MatLab package here)


IRIS: Indiana Retinal Image Simulator

IRIS is an evolution of Thibos' FOC (Fourier Optics Calculator) with a intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface


Model-free estimation of a psychometric function

Go to the CRAN repository

(download the MatLab package here)

Software for vision science

Adding a list of resources for visual sciences here would be absurd, having Hans Strasburger's exhaustive list of software for visual psychophysics

For when you need a distraction

Paul Artes' Ministry of silly fields: hard to explain why you need this in your life if you work in perimetry, but you do!


Reddit's aww: a place for really cute pictures and videos. Guaranteed to reduce stress.


Reddit's funny: it is funny... at times


Veritasium Youtube channel: science made fun


John Oliver's piece on Scientific Studies: what if Archer was a scientist?


Mackenzie Crook's detectorists: If you are looking for a real treasure. "This is a metal detector, we are detectorists". "Well, no, the holy grail is the holy grail of treasure hunting".