Software Packages

OPI's visualFields v1.x

Statistical Methods for Visual Fields

For the development version go to github repository

For the former version of visualFields 0.6 go the corresponding github repository

Offset Kozachenko-Leonenko estimators

Efficient estimation of Shannon's differential entropy and continuous mutual information for image colors. Check out the tutorial here.

Download the MatLab, R, and Python packages in the github repository


IRIS: Indiana Retinal Image Simulator

IRIS is an evolution of Thibos' FOC (Fourier Optics Calculator) with a intuitive, easy-to-use graphical user interface


Model-free estimation of a psychometric function

Go to the CRAN repository

(download the MatLab package here)

Software for vision science

Adding a list of resources for visual sciences here would be absurd, having Hans Strasburger's exhaustive list of software for visual psychophysics

For when you need a distraction

Reddit's aww: a place for really cute pictures and videos. Guaranteed to reduce stress.


Veritasium Youtube channel: science made fun


John Oliver's piece on Scientific Studies: what if Archer was a scientist?


Mackenzie Crook's detectorists: If you are looking for a real treasure. "This is a metal detector, we are detectorists". "Well, no, the holy grail is the holy grail of treasure hunting".